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How to Use Scripts in Corel Paint Shop Pro


Most scripts that you buy or download should be put in your Restricted Scripts folder. 

(This can be found in your Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\ folder)

Once you have your photo open, run the script, and there are a couple ways you can do this.

First, from the File menu select Script > Run and then select the script you want to run.

Paintshop Pro File Menu

You can also run a script using the Script toolbar. To enable the Script toolbar just right-click on a blank space in the Toolbar area at the top of Paint Shop Pro, then click on Toolbars > Script. Or go to View > Toolbars and click on Script. Before you start using scripts, make sure the Toggle Execution Mode (Marked with 1 on screenshot below) button is off. This will allow you to run a script silently, so a dialog box will only open when your input is required to choose from a selection of options available in the script.  Now select your script from the drop-down list (Marked with 2 on screenshot below) on the left of the Script toolbar and then click the blue Run (Marked with 3 on screenshot below) button. This will run the script and in a matter of seconds your image will be transformed.

A. Select this option if you don’t see the script in the drop down.

  1. Toggle Execution Mode
  2. Drop Down Menu to Select Scripts
  3. Three is Run the Script






Corel PSP x2 and Blade Pro Text Tutorial

Font Used – Kimberley

Blade Pro Preset Used Gold Glitter from Handspan Studio Glitter Pro Preset.

Click Any Image for Full Size


Step One Add Text Use Floating Keep Text Selected.

Go to Filters > Flaming Pear > Blade Pro

Once the blade pro menu opens select the button under the dice and go to your preset folder and press ok.

Steampunk Element Background 800 x 800 PNG Transparent

Grab The Button

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