Paint Shop Pro – Carbon Fonts Tutorial
Create an image any size with a white background.

Downloads Font: Academic M54

Pattern: Carbon

Right click and save the pattern texture (Download Pattern and add to your patterns folder)

Pick the Text Tool.

Font Settings
Font Academic M54
Fill Hex Code: 808080

Save selection to Alpha Channel >Selections > Save to Alpha Channel

Next go to Selections > Modify > Contract – Decrease selection by 3

Flood Fill the floating text with the carbon pattern.

Next apply a drop shadow Effects > 3d Effects > Drop Shadow

First Drop Shadow Settings: Offset Vertical 1 Horizontal 2 Opacity 100 Blur 0 Color Black

Second Drop Shadow: Offset Vertical -1 Horizontal -2 Opacity 100 Blur 0 Color White

Selections > Load Selection From Alpha Channel

Reapply Drop Shadow Settings: Offset Vertical 1 Horizontal 2 Opacity 100 Blur 0 Color Black

Finished Product


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