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Photoshop / PSP Filter – AAA – Blot & Smudge

Download Filter

Before Filter:

Before Bolt and Smudge

I used the following settings:

Bolt & Smudge Menu

(Click for Full Image)

The Settings:

  • Blot: 8
  • Smudge: 100

After Filter:

After Bolt & Smudge





Photoshop / PSP Filter – AAA – Simplifier Filter

Download AAA Simplifier Filter

This works with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro the filter is adjustable and part of the Triple A photo collection.

Before AAA Simplifier Filter

Before Simplifier Filter

 AAA Simplifier Filter Menu

I used the below settings

Focus = 47

Simplify = 41

 After - AAA Simplifier Filter



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