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Paint Shop Pro – Carbon Fonts Tutorial
Create an image any size with a white background.

Downloads Font: Academic M54

Pattern: Carbon

Right click and save the pattern texture (Download Pattern and add to your patterns folder)

Pick the Text Tool.

Font Settings
Font Academic M54
Fill Hex Code: 808080

Save selection to Alpha Channel >Selections > Save to Alpha Channel

Next go to Selections > Modify > Contract – Decrease selection by 3

Flood Fill the floating text with the carbon pattern.

Next apply a drop shadow Effects > 3d Effects > Drop Shadow

First Drop Shadow Settings: Offset Vertical 1 Horizontal 2 Opacity 100 Blur 0 Color Black

Second Drop Shadow: Offset Vertical -1 Horizontal -2 Opacity 100 Blur 0 Color White

Selections > Load Selection From Alpha Channel

Reapply Drop Shadow Settings: Offset Vertical 1 Horizontal 2 Opacity 100 Blur 0 Color Black

Finished Product


Using Paintshop Pro 7 Mask

These are the two images I used for this tutorial. You can right click and save both images.

Open both images in Paintshop Pro. See Below

Click on image to see full image.

Click on the image of the actual mask. File named is masktut1.jpg then go to Mask > New >From Image

Click on image to see full image.

From this menu choose the mask in the drop down and click on source luminance.

File name is iezombienetmaskbyheidi3.jpg

Finished Image.

Click on the image for full size.

You can find more of my mask here:


Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

Font Banner - Free Fonts

Digital Scrapbooking at Pixel Scrapper

Fabulous Fonts!

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